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All green and black teas presented on this website stem from the ecological tea garden of Watanabe family.

Watanabe Genmaicha (organic)

Different to other sorts of Genmaicha, which are mainly used as simple drink during a meal, this Genmaicha is made to fascinate by its elegant style. First of all the fine leafs (not Bancha as usual) have a fine and intensive green taste. Second, what is even more special, the Watanabes buy the unroasted organic Genmai in Kagoshima Prefecture (not from USA as common today), and they steam, dry and roast it with their own machines. Thanks to this, it impresses by a fine sweetness, which is not too strong.

Aviable in 100g or 1kg package

Watanabe Genmaicha

Watanabe Karigane Kukicha (organic)

For this tea Watanabe Family harvests different tea bushes of their many cultivars (Asatsuyu, Yabukita, Sae Midori, etc.), and uses a special sorting machine to separate leafs from leaf stems. Though, which makes this Kukicha very fine, is not only the clearly defined and short structure of the quite small kuki, but also the fine leafs, which are not totally sorted out, but give their flavour to this beautiful tea.

Aviable in 100g or 1kg package

watanabe karigane kukicha

Watanabe Asanoyu Tokujou Kabusecha - Cultivar Asatsuyu (organic)

Watanabe Family harvests shaded tea trees mainly of the rare tea bush cultivar Asatsuyu for this extraordinary Kabusecha. The flowery taste notes as well as its freshness and sweetness make this tea a real specialty.

Aviable in 100g package

Watanabe Asanoyu Tokujou Kabusecha (Cultivar Asatsuyu)

Watanabe Kabuse Shincha (organic)

Mankichi Watanabe loves his tea garden, which is located in the island Yakushima, and dedicates himself wholeheartedly to the cultivation of tea. For this Shincha, Mankichi Watanabe shades the rare tea bush varieties Kuritawase, Sae Midori and Asatsuyu. He produces slightly higher amounts of other types of Shincha, but in the case of this Kabuse Shincha he exclusively makes a special blend of just 25kg per year. Since there are only three rows of Sae Midori in Mister Watanabe’s tea garden, the amount of this blend is highly limited.

Aviable in 100g package (only in spring/ early summer)

Watanabe Kabuse Shincha

Watanabe Kanaya Midori Koucha - black tea (organic)

For this elegant black tea, leaves from the tea bush variety Kanaya Midori are used by Mr. Watanabe. Kanaya Midori is a tea bush variety that is usually used for the production of green tea. This creates a unique flavour which cannot be found in other Japanese black teas. Mankichi Watanabe lets his talent for exceptional tea creations take its full course and insists
on storing his black tea for a year before he allows it to leave his tea garden.

Aviable in 100g or 1kg package

Watanabe Koucha black tea

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